Consistency & Procastination

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Don’t confuse procrastination with laziness. The former brings about creativity while the latter makes you idle.

Welcome and Hi(to my regulars), after quite a long time I’m back with my words again! Thanks to a great friend of mine for reminding me everyday how laid back I am not to post an article for a month after posting 5 last month (quite inconsistency you got there bruh; I know!) . Well coming to consistency and time, an important thing strikes my mind. Wanna know? Well… have you ever thought how on a fine evening having a plate full of snacks and reading a favourite book say “Flatland” and after you start conceiving how a 2D object like square might look to a point(literally a dot) and worse how should one like us perceive a tesseract structure, coming to which how Loki took it during the destruction of Asgard. Suddenly you realise the episode you were doting on his character that you started watching a playdate video of Tom Hiddleston and suddenly coming across… finally when your sibling calls you for dinner you realize it’s already 10:30pm when you’re gaping with astonishment at a monkey eating bananas after having a somersault on the window pane. Well you’re not the only one. Procastination or in layman terms “the action of delaying and postponing something” is a action. Though it was once thought to be a psychological ailment but in later studies it has been found to be inherent in every being despite how diligent and hardworking they are.

There are mainly four types of procrastination

· Performer

· Self-deprecator

· Overbooker

· Novelty seeker

Different authors use different terms to differentiate them so the terms might vary but the motive remains same. Some are habitual distractibles while some are perfectionists but you are you so you don’t need to worry. It is a general trait dominated by low conscientiousness’

Not always is procrastination the bad one here. On a positive note , it has some amazing contributions in one’s life such as

· It gives the Energy boost one needs but seldom gets

· Helps us focus more in the remaining time( specially the last minutes/hours of your deadline how you mange to do the impossible from staying awake at wee hours to concentrating for hours straight)

· Makes us work faster and boosts our creativity.

· Helps you lower your expectations(rather I should say shows you what you can and can’t)

Being a procrastinator myself I get no right to lecture you on do’s and don’t cuz I myself followed few only to fail rather I should say this procrastination had helped me a lot in my pursuits, today itself I wished on writing on Time but look how I beautifully deviated to procrastination leaving the diary pages I scribbled this afternoon to make the article for this post. Don’t you fret sweethearts I will definitely post that piece another day(maybe someday :) )





Math Postgrad||Research Enthusiast||Interested in Data and Designing |Content Creator| for paid work(content creation / tutoring )mail

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Math Postgrad||Research Enthusiast||Interested in Data and Designing |Content Creator| for paid work(content creation / tutoring )mail

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